We'll never forget...

"Your Picture" by Gloria Estefan
A tribute to Janet Fraiser, from the fans...

Large version (16MB)

Small version (6.4MB)

LauraJo and Matti worked together to organise this, a music video to thank Teryl for all her work on Stargate, and to show our appreciation for Janet and to showcase everything we will continue to love about the character. Having contacted Wolf Events about the possibility of showing the video at one of their events, we contacted as many online lists as we had access to asking people to let us know what they would like to say about Janet, and their top two choices of Stargate scene to illustrate the point.

From these submissions, we went on to compile as many of them as possible into the finished video. Some of the submissions said far more than we could possibly get onto the screen, so submissions unfortunately had to be edited. In some cases, too, the scene choices had to be altered as some scenes were understandably popular!! We apologise to anyone who didn't quite get what they asked for.

The final result is something I hope we can all be proud of. Thanks to the fabulous people at Wolf Events, the video was played on the Saturday evening of the SG8 convention, where Teryl Rothery herself was able to see it. I'm sure everyone in attendance could see how much she appreciated the effort everyone went to, and the sentiments behind what we had to say. Teryl later asked the tech crew for a copy of the video to take away with her. We ourselves will also, in the near future, send her a copy of the unedited versions of the text you all sent in to us. So, thank you to everyone who sent in contributions. We think we achieved a great tribute to a fantastic character, and a unique thank you to a wonderful actress.